Overview of Blog & Contents

Overview of Blog and Contens - www.melky.web.id

MELKY.WEB.ID is a personal website (personal blog) managed by Melky Tumpia.

This blog was created on November 20, 2020 (registered to Indonesian Internet Domain Name Registry).

The content discussed in this blog:

1. Digital Marketing Strategy.

2. Cybersecurity Awareness; and

3. Share my passion on Technologies.

Article topics written based on the knowledge & experience of the Author in various fields studied or occupied.

With the hope, every visitor get references according to their needs.

You can also read articles on this blog through the Google News Application or,

via the news.google.com site, then search for Melky Web ID and click the star symbol to follow this blog.

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The information on this website is made for Promotional Purposes, building networks with the Blogger Community and to expand Business Networks.

About the Author

Digital Marketer, IT Enthusiast, and Techno Blogger

Hi, I'm Melky.

Working as a Digital Marketer & Journalist. As an Freelancer, i just 'spend time' surfing the Internet and pursuing the Digital World.

☑️ Joined Blogger since July 2012.

☑️ SMK (Computer & Engineering)

☑️ Bethany Theological Seminary

✅ SEO Content Writer & SEO Strategy

Besides focusing on Marketing and writing on Blogs, i also pursued several skills in the fields of Affiliate Marketer & Web Designer.


Google Certified Digital Marketing (Learn Digital with Google Programme)

Google Certified Digital Marketing 2021

✅ Certified Information System Security Professional (CISSP 2019)

Certified Information System Security Professional (CISSP) 2019

Certificate of Completion

☑️ Cybersecurity Certification:

Ransomware: Identify, Protect, Detect, Recover Certification
Utilizing Big Data - ISC² Certification

✅ A Code with Google Program (Coding Fundamentals).

RevoU: Intro to Business Development (Sales) in Tech.

RevoU Mini Course - Intro to Sales in Tech

LinkedIn Learning Path Completion.

Become a Digital Marketing Specialist - LinkedIn Learning Path (Melky Tumpia)
Master In-Demand Professional Soft Skills Awarded to Melky Tumpia

Google Developers Launchpad & Programming Hub Certification

SEO Certification Course (Google Developers Launchpad & ProgrammingHub)
Digital Marketing Advanced Certification
Cybersecurity Certification Course by Google Developers Launchpad and ProgrammingHub

Reuters Digital Journalism Certificate

Reuters Digital Journalism Certificate

(Sponsored by Facebook Journalism Project & Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism).

Work Experience & Career